Fire Prevention Essay Contest Winners

On October 11th, we congratulated all of those who submitted their essay to the Fire Prevention Essay Contest. This year the essay contest that was sent out to Washington County 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders.  Students had to write an essay on Home Fire Safety. Vice President Jon Kimberland led the contest in which there were more than 240 essays submitted. The top 5 finalists were selected from each grade level and invited to the Washington County Fire Academy with their families.  Upon arrival to the fire academy there was a brief tour of the fire grounds and the kids were allowed to climb on the fire engine and look at all of the tools.  After pictures were taken we invited everyone inside for a lunch and the presentation. There was food and a special cake from Bethel Bakery covered in stars with a giant Sparky the Dog drawn in the middle.   Sparky the Dog even made an appearance.  We would like to congratulate our finalists and thank everyone for their participation.